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It’s that time again! Time for spring cleaning.
Each person has their obstacles when it comes to cleaning.
We offer you some tips to make your chores a little easier.
Problem #1: Soap Scum

One key to having a soap-scum-free shower is to buy a product like Clean Shower that you spray on after showers to prevent build-up. There is also a product called Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner, which does the work for you! You just press a button after your shower and the product shoots the cleaner in a circle, preventing soap scum, mildew and lime scale. If you haven’t taken preventive action and have soap scum build-up now, buy a melamine sponge (such as Mr. Clean Magic Eraser). With just a little water, the sponge will pick up all the yuck that you would normally have to scrub away.

Problem #2: Yucky Plastic Shower Curtain Liner

An easy way to make your plastic shower curtain liner look like new is to toss it in the washing machine with a couple bath towels and laundry soap. Do not put it in the dryer, but rather hang it up to dry. If you’re sick of that liner anyway, do away with having both a liner and a curtain and get a 100% nylon curtain like hotels use. They’re water-tight and don’t need a liner.

Problem #3: Dust

Minimizing dust is always a challenge. Instead of simply dusting the old-fashioned way, try vacuuming the dust away first and then using a microfiber cloth to dust, even on fabric surfaces. For a great furniture polish, mix 1 cup of olive oil with 1/2-cup white vinegar and shake well. To lessen dust over time, change the filter on your air conditioning unit or furnace regularly, have walk-off mats in front of every door from the outside and remove your shoes when you come in.

Problem #4: Dull Wood Floors

If you have natural wood floors that are starting to look a bit dull, try cleaning them with black tea. The tannins in tea are good for the wood and leave a wonderful shine. Steep the tea, let it come to room temperature and then dip a mop or soft cloth in, ringing it out well. To prevent dust and hair on your wood floors, try a bit of recycling by using a used dryer sheet. New dryer sheets will leave a mark, so always recycle your used ones for your wood floor.

Problem #5: Dirty Fridge

Most new refrigerators have plenty of parts that can be popped in the dishwasher for a quick clean. Egg holders, racks and drawers can all go in the dishwasher. You should also regularly clean the coils on your fridge to make sure it is running efficiently. Consult your manual, but generally, you will need to remove the grill plate and clean the coils with a bottle brush or the brush attachment on your vacuum. This will save energy and be more efficient!

Problem #6: Musty Closets

Closets are probably the most shut-up parts of our homes and, as a result, often get that musty smell, especially after winter. To freshen up your closets, make a natural deodorizer by putting some charcoal briquettes (without lighter fluid) into large tea strainer balls and hang them in your closets. If you live in a moist environment, it is important to limit moisture, which can cause mildew and more musty smells. Do this by running a rubber band around several sticks of chalk and attaching it to your closet rods. You can keep winter shoes fresh for next year by stuffing them with newspaper, which will absorb excess moisture and prevent bacteria.

Problem #7: Musty House

Your house has probably been closed up all winter. It smells musty and definitely not fresh. Instead of buying a plug-in or spray deodorizer, make your own by spraying some cologne or perfume on a cool, off light bulb. When you turn the light on, you will be able to enjoy the fragrance. You can also make your own spray air freshener by adding about 20 drops of your favorite essential oil (rose is a good one for springtime) to a spray bottle filled with warm water. Shake it, and spray it around the air in your home. It will last longer than commercial air fresheners.

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