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A recent Realty Times article gives tips on finding the best deals on appliances,
including when and where to shop.

Now that you know what your preliminary research should be, here is the rundown on when to shop for particular appliances:

Air conditioners.
Truly a seasonal item, new air conditioning models start entering stores in March. Purchasing heats up when the weather does, usually in May, which means that great deals will be hard to find. The ideal time to buy an air conditioner is when no one else wants to: when the weather cools down in the fall.

Gas grills.
A similar principle applies to gas grills. In the spring and early summer, everyone is buying a new gas grill, which means that you probably shouldn’t. By the end of the summer, retailers are trying to get rid of the gas grills, and you can find better deals.

Vacuum cleaners.
Great bargains can be found on vacuum cleaners in April and May, when retailers are preparing for the arrival of new models in June.

Large appliances.
Higher priced appliances, such as ranges and washing machines, typically are on sale in the fall to correspond with back-to-school time. New models are also arriving in the fall, which means that the old models will be going cheap.

As touched on earlier, where you buy your appliances also matters, but not as much as you may think. Still do plenty of comparison shopping, but make sure to check out all retailers, not just big stores like CostCo, Sears and Wal-Mart. In many cases, smaller, independent stores will have competitive prices on large and small appliances. Additionally, as a recent Consumer Reports survey reported, many people find the service, staff, delivery and set-up of independent stores to be more satisfactory than that of the larger stores.

There are two things to remember to find the best deals on appliances: do your homework, and time your purchase well!

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