90% of seniors would rather stay in their own home than move to an assisted-living facility or nursing home. Since this world is becoming more intuitive and connected, less worry is necessary for your parent(s) who want to live on their own. So when the inevitable conversation with your elderly parents arises, modern forms of technology and lots of different apps will make all of your lives easier.

Since technology is constantly moving faster than we even understand what the heck to do with the devices, and more and more people are living longer, healthier lives, senior citizens are beginning to live freely on their own. If you had to choose, wouldn’t you also prefer your freedom over being babysat by caregivers at nursing homes due to the help and advancement of technology?

With the invention of countless new apps, technology, and homes becoming automated, seniors understand the advantages of living on their own with the help of these devices. They no longer need constant attention or care from professionals or their families 24/7. So we’ve found some solutions for you and your elderly family member(s) you want look after without having to break the bank for great services.

Technology for Seniors


Today’s Senior Lifestyle

Technology for seniors is becoming so advanced that we can monitor our loved ones and their actions without being in the same home—let alone the same neighborhood. Since the majority of seniors want to live in their own home, they need to learn how to use different apps and forms of technology to allow them to stay safe and live freely on their own.

Technology for Seniors

Emergency Services

Life alert is an amazing piece of technology that any senior should have if they have health issues or safety concerns. It’s a device that a senior can wear like a necklace that has a button connected directly to medical, fire, gas, intrusion, and other emergency services that can be contacted in the event of any emergency.

Technology for Seniors

Car Rides

For seniors, relying on family members to take them to the store, social events, or a friend’s home doesn’t always work out like they’d hope. If they’re no longer able to drive because of health or personal reasons, they still need a way to get around. That’s where Lyft and Uber roll in.

With just the click of a few buttons on your phone, you’re able to order a friendly driver who will pick you up at your home and drive you wherever you want to go. The great thing about Lyft and Uber is the drivers are everyday people who have had their driving records and personal background checked by either company prior to being hired.

Technology for Seniors

You can relax knowing your aunt is being driven safely to her destination for a low cost. And the fee is deducted directly via the app on their phone, so no paper money is involved in the entire transaction.

Home Deliveries

Using Postmates is an awesome way to get something delivered to your home without having to go anywhere. Show your grandparents they can have their dry cleaning picked up, some food from a drive thru, or a package from the post office dropped off at their home without being the one to pick it up themselves.

Technology for Seniors

Postmates is similar to rideshare services. But instead of getting a ride to a destination, you can have items you’ve paid for delivered to you! So tell your uncle he can relax at home while a Postmates’ employee picks up his prescription refill from the drug store.

Grocery Store Trips

If you’re worried about your grandpa not having food in the fridge, then you’ve got to learn about Instacart. It’s an amazing service that allows you to put your grocery needs on autopilot instead of top priority. Another great thing about Instacart is the groceries you order are guaranteed delivery within an hour. Talk about a quick trip to the grocery store!

Technology for Seniors

Pill Reminders

Pill Reminder Pro is a great app that allows anyone to be reminded of when they need to take a pill, which pill they need to take, and how much dosage to take. This piece of technology for seniors is great for those who may forget which pill to take and what time of day they actually need to take it!

Technology for Seniors

Personal, Home, and Health Care

You don’t have to spend a fortune each month on assisted living or caregivers for the seniors in your family. Thanks to Carelinx, you can choose to hire any care professional ranging from part-time nurses to live-in caregivers. They provide meal preparation, bathroom care, housekeeping, and much more within their plans. Whatever the level of need—Carelinx is able to provide friendly, professional, and affordable help in close proximity to you and your loved ones.

Technology for Seniors

Click on the image to learn more about the top tech cities for seniors:

Senior Technology

So teach your elderly family members how to use these apps and services. Most of them can be downloaded on their Smartphone with some guidance from you. So would you rather pay $50 for a Smartphone . . . or $5000 for monthly services?

In the event that your parent(s) physically or mentally can no longer live alone, you will have to choose between taking care of them yourself, hiring healthcare professionals to look after them, or moving them into a senior living facility. In this case, a good option would be to sell your parents home to pay for the initial costs of the services or having money to accommodate their lives if they move in with you. You can check the value of their home, and surrounding homes, by simply entering their zip code into this helpful tool online.

Technology for Seniors

Let’s face it: aging is a part of life. But it doesn’t have to be difficult for your family to face a loved one growing older. So do your best to help the elderly members in your family understand the technology and basis for using the devices. With your help, and technology’s guidance, they’ll be able to live freely on their own for as long as possible without constant watch or supervision from someone else.

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