It comes quick, but as soon as we’re done celebrating the holidays it’s time to pack up those decorations and whip out some new ones. Whether you’re hosting a New Year’s Eve party or just want to make your home festive, here are some decorations to get you excited for 2014!

New Year's Eve Repurpose Ornaments

Okay, so I lied. You don’t have to put all of those holiday decorations away. Ornaments can look awesome whether on or off your Christmas tree. Use or buy some pretty gold, silver or sheer ribbon, tie it to your ornaments and hang them from your chandelier, light fixture, or pin from the ceiling. You can also buy wire (for drop ceiling, found at hardware stores in a roll of 100’ for $3), use pliers to loop one end, hook the ornament onto the loop, and throw your wires into a vase to make an ornament bouquet! You can also repurpose ornaments by throwing them onto a long, rectangular plate with some Mardi Gras beads for an awesome tablescape. Or you can place the larger ornaments in bowls and the smaller ones in champagne flutes around your home.

Gold balloons


Decorate with Balloons and Curling Ribbon

It’s easy to spruce up your place by blowing up some balloons and hanging curling ribbon. You can place balloons sporadically around your home, bundle them together, tie them to champagne flutes or tape them in a bunch to the wall. For curling ribbon, use a color or two that go with your theme, loosely curl it, then hang it from the ceiling, a light fixture, chandelier or wall mirror. These will instantly add a bit of pizzazz to any room!

Noise maker






Make a Wreath

Make a festive New Year’s wreath by using a Styrofoam wreath, multi colored tinsel garland, some Happy New Year hats and noise makers. You can buy all of these items at your local crafts store. Once you have your Styrofoam wreath, wrap the tinsel garland around it until all white parts are covered and secure with glue, fishing wire or clear string. Next, simply hot glue your party hats and noise makers onto the parts of the wreath that are secured with the wire/string and voila!

We hope these ideas help add a little luster to your home this New Year’s Eve and that you have a fabulous start to 2014!

Have any more decorating ideas for New Year’s celebrations? Please leave them in the comments box below!

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