A move is a big deal for anyone. You may get a new job one day that requires a move, or you may just want a bigger home to accommodate the size of your family. But if you are moving with kids, they may have only lived in your family home their entire life. The move may frighten and worry them as to how they’re going to deal with living in a new home and area. Since moving for the first time is a big deal for children, here are some ways to help your children cope with moving.

Moving with Kids

Prior to the Move

If you have yet to tell your child or children that you all are moving to a new home, the best time to tell them is as soon as possible. Always answer all of their questions about the new home. Tell them where you’re going to live, show them pictures of the home, and tell them about their new school if they’re going to attend a different one. You should never wait until the week before you pack up all of your belongings and leave your home to tell them because they will not have had enough time to adjust to the idea of leaving their current home yet.

Books to Read to Them

Try reading some children’s books that center around moving. There are lots of books you can find that you can read to your kids to help them cope with the moving process, and why it’s important for them to be brave during this new change. Here are some great books to read to your children for moving with kids.

During the Move

Have them be a part of the moving process. Help them pack their belongings and help them share what they think about moving. They may tell you that they look forward to it, or they may say they are scared. Either way, let them share their feelings and memories about their current home before leaving it behind. They will miss their bedroom and home, so be sympathetic towards them throughout the entire moving process.

Moving with Kids

Reestablish Routines

After you’ve already moved into your new home, reestablish the same routines you had with them in your old home and neighborhood. This means if you always went out for ice cream on a particular day after they got out of school, continue to do that in your new neighborhood. Or if you went to a local shopping center every weekend, find a similar one in your new area to take them to on the same day.

Maintaining a similar routine will help your child adjust and allow them to understand that moving homes does not mean that their whole life is something different now. It simply means they’ve moved homes and will attend a new school. This may seem difficult for them at first, but give them time, and they will get used to their new surroundings as long as they have a similar routine like they did at their old home.

Moving with Kids

Soon, your child(ren) will have gotten used to the new home and area. If you follow these steps when you move with kids, you will ease them into the new home, and they will appreciate the help you’ve given them in adjusting to their new environment. Remember to make it as easy as possible, and be sure to show them how much they will love their new home.

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