Looking to buy a home? Where do you start? What research should you do before you meet with a real estate agent?

90% of home-buyers start their search for their next house online. Furthermore, 89% use the Internet for their Realtor search. If done correctly, you can maximize the efficiency of your online home search so that you move through the market quickly without compromising your standards. A motivated buyer will usually make an offer within two weeks of completing online research.

This infographic will guide you in how to start your online home search right without leaving the comfort of your office chair!



Step 1 – Standards

Before you even start your digital home search, know fundamental factors such as budget, bedroom needs, etc.

Step 2 – Neighborhoods

Look for specific communities based on factors including school district, crime rates, nearness to work, etc. Use a variety of sites to gather neighborhood data. Each real estate based site serves it’s own unique function and purpose in finding a match for you!

Step 3 – Market

Research the housing market conditions by comparing list price to actual selling price. If most houses sell for considerably less than they were listed for, you will have more room to negotiate. This is called a ‘Buyer’s Market.’

Step 4 – Desirable

With all the research you’ve done to this point, make a list of actual houses you think are good fits and you would like to visit. You will present this list to your agent.

Step 5 – Realtor

This is the most important step! Look for an agent who has a strong Internet presence and evidence of success. Make the call and (s)he will walk you through the offline part of the real estate process.

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