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It just isn’t Easter without an Easter brunch and an egg hunt for the little ones. But if you’re like us, you haven’t the faintest idea where to begin to decorate. Don’t fret little bunny foo foo, for we’ve found a few fun and creative ideas on how you can decorate your home just in time for Easter. Hop to it!

Egg Decor

easter decorations with eggs

via Culinary with Me

After you’re done hard boiling your eggs, carefully peel away the shell and add tea lights to make your own homemade twist on Easter candles. You can also add sprigs of herbs and turn your empty egg shells into little homemade planters. Place your new candle holders and planters in an egg carton and display it as a centerpiece during your next Easter gathering.

via Designs for Daley Living

via Designs for Daley Living

Want to try something other than food dye this year? Try your hand at using blueberries to dye your Easter eggs. Simply juice some blueberries, dip your hard boiled eggs into the liquid, and voila! Another alternative to dye is Kool-Aid packets, the colors will turn out a lot brighter.

via Martha Stewart

via Martha Stewart

If you do choose to dye Easter eggs, give the traditional method some edge by using narrow strips of electrical tape. Wrap them around the eggs in the pattern desired, and dip away! Take off the first strip of tape, put on another, and dip in another color for some awesome colored patterns.

via Planting Happiness

via PlantingHappiness

Use those decorated eggs in a wooden planter with tulips to make an elegant and fun Easter centerpiece!

easter garland

via ModernParentsMessyKids

Looking for a quick, cheap and kid-friendly Easter decoration? Try your hand at making an Easter egg garland out of paint chips. All you need for this project are paint chips from your local hardware store (they’re free!), a pencil to trace out an egg outline on the paint chips, scissors, string, and a needle or screwdriver (something with a pointed end) to poke holes into the eggs and thread the string through.

decoupage eggs

via The Prairie Cottage

We came across an awesome set of decoupage eggs on Pinterest and Etsy and absolute fell in love with this stylish, classic spin of the traditional Easter egg. You can easily do it yourself by grabbing a couple of your kids’ plastic Easter eggs (the kind where you hide all the chocolate treats), some Modge Podge or diluted Elmer’s White Glue, a foam brush, and any paper products of your choice (old photographs, newspaper, or in this case, music sheets). Once you’re done decoupaging and the eggs are dried, group the eggs together on a candy dish or fruit bowl for a unique and elegant centerpiece.

Bunny Decor

easter bunny napkins

via Martha Stewart

No Easter brunch would be complete without a nicely folded bunny napkin. Don’t worry if you missed that napkin folding class awhile back because has a nifty, easy-to-do tutorial that’ll get you folding napkins like a pro in just a few short minutes. All you need are some starched napkins and a little bit of patience and soon enough you’ll find yourself in a state of Zen thanks to the art of napkin origami.

Chick Decor

easter wreath

via Design Editor

Ever find yourself wondering what you should do with all those fuzzy little chicks that come in Easter baskets and goody bags at crafts stores? Why not make a wreath out of it? All you need for this fun Easter DIY project are chicks (lot of them), a wreath form made from Styrofoam, ribbon, glue (we’re fans of hot glue), and maybe some yellow craft paint and a paint brush. has a pretty easy step-by-step tutorial on how to make this fuzzy holiday wreath.

We hope you enjoy these Easter decorations for the home found around the web! Happy decorating and Happy Easter everyone!

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