Unless you’re paying for your house in cash, you will need to authenticate your income and taxes to qualify for a mortgage. To help you get organized before you contact a lender, here are all the documents needed for mortgage applications in an easy-to-share infographic.


No matter what, there are four documents every person needs to apply for a mortgage:

  • Previous TWO Paystubs
  • Previous TWO Years’ W-2 Forms
  • Previous TWO Years’ Tax Returns
  • 2-3 Months of Bank Statements

Furthermore, there is information that you will need throughout the process, so it wouldn’t hurt to have printed on a document (original or otherwise)-

  • Purchase Contract from the seller (if available)
  • Social Security Card Number for all purchasers
  • Home Addresses for the last two years
  • Address of bank branch (possibly on statements, above)

Lastly, there are some documents that will be necessary under certain circumstances such as a freelance job, a divorce, etc.

  • Evidence of Other Income (such as child support, etc.)
  • Divorce settlement papers
  • Balance Sheets (if self employed)
  • Gift Letters (such as parents covering a down payment, etc.)
  • Other Consumer Debts (student loans, credit debt, etc.)


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