Books are one of the best ways to expand your mind and learn new things. While a lot of people are now using e-Readers and carrying around thousands of books on one device, there are still those who love nothing more than cracking open a binding and smelling the pages of a new book. The only obstacle with loving the physical company of books is: where do you put them all? Books can take up quite a bit of space and trying to figure out what to do with them can be difficult. Therefore, we’ve collected our favorite DIY home library ideas from around the web to share with all you book worms out there.


Palettes can be used to make many different types of bookshelves. You can make a tree shelf, magazine-rack shelves, or, depending on the size of the shelf you want, a wall mounted half-palette shelf.

DIY Home Library DIY Home Library DIY Home Library

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Milk Crates

Stack various milk crates—painted or unpainted—to create a fun bookshelf. Drill some holes around the edges of the crates and secure them together with kitchen twine or something similar. Or, you can link them together using steel rods at jarring angles.

DIY Home Library              DIY Home Library

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If you’re lucky enough to have two floors of living space, why not make bookshelves out of your stairs? You can make them out of the stairs themselves, mount bookshelves along the wall adjacent to the stairs, or use the space under the stairs for book storage.

DIY Home Library DIY Home Library DIY Home Library

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Floating Shelves

Grab some simple L brackets (2 per shelf you want to create) and screw them into the wall. Place your books on top, and voila! If you want to make the L brackets invisible, you can screw them into the inside of a book, but that means destroying a book (which I’m not a fan of).

DIY Home Library                   DIY Home Library

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This project may be a bit more work, but looks fabulous. Drill pipes into your wall, preferably in the corner, and buy the necessary attachments to make them meander back-and-forth between the two walls. Books look awesome resting on this pipe bookshelf.

DIY Home Library                 DIY Home Library

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Use one or two ladders (positioned right-side-up or up-side-down) to create a bookshelf by laying planks of wood across the rungs. You can also mount a ladder on the wall against the corner of a room and store your books between the now vertical rungs.

DIY Home Library DIY Home Library DIY Home Library

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This project will use some Ikea Trärena plywood boxes or similar, lightweight plywood boxes. Use ordinary office binder clips to attach the boxes together to make a multi-level and multi-shape bookshelf! Line the insides of the boxes with different paper or paint them different colors to give them extra pizzazz. If you want to make a wall-mounted bookshelf, attach different-sized boxes to the wall to create awesome shapes.

DIY Home Library               DIY Home Library

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Belts & Rope

Lastly, you can use belts or rope to connect wood planks and create hanging bookshelves. Simply find a few belts (or the rope of your choice) and some worn wood planks. Nail the belts into the sides and under the plank(s) (depending on how many shelves you want), and nail your belt straps to the wall!

DIY Home Library                   DIY Home Library

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Got any more great DIY home library ideas? Please leave your tips in the comments!


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