Whether you’re a homeowner looking to increase your home value or a seller looking to increase market price, the many benefits of landscaping could be your secret to success. Special thanks to HouseLogic,, and the National Association of Realtors for this helpful information.


If you’re a homeowner, good landscaping can raise your home value as much as 28%. If you’re trying to sell, landscaping raises sale price an average of 4-5%. Furthermore, homes with great landscaping sell 10-15% faster. Be warned though: despite increases in market value, massive landscaping projects rarely make their money back.

Trees and shrubbery are important elements of landscaping. A few strategically placed trees can cut heating bills 15% and air conditioning bills by up to 75%. Insulation from just shrubbery saves anywhere from $100-$250 in annual energy bills. Be sure to stay local with plant life. Exotic plants can cost thousands more to maintain in just a matter of 20 years.

Values of trees vary by geography. For example, let’s take a 24-inch diameter red maple tree. This is most popular tree for American yards. It’s value in Charlotte, NC is $244. In Scarsdale, NY it is worth $181 and in San Diego, CA it is worth $205. This value is based on a variety of factors including runoff control, carbon dioxide reduction, and more.

Outdoor lighting in another landscaping project that makes a big difference. 41% of home-buyers say outdoor lighting is necessary their home purchase. 49% say that it is desirable. Part of the reason outdoor lighting is sought after could be that you can save up to 15% on homeowners insurance with well lit pathways due to the fact that it significantly reduces the likelihood of burglaries and crimes.

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