We’ve put together a list of infographics that will help you sell your house quickly and efficiently. These 25 infographics for selling a house cover everything from what renovations and improvements to make, which to avoid, why you should hire a real estate agent, legal mistakes to steer clear of, helpful pre-sale checklists, and the benefits of staging and curb appeal. We hope these help you feel more informed about and prepared for the home selling process. Enjoy!

infographics for selling a house

1. 5 Worst Home Improvements for Sellers: What not to do to your home before selling.

2. Dream House—Top 10 Home Improvements Buyers Will Pay More For: What you should do to your home before selling.

3. 7 Tips to Sell Properties Online: Great for those looking to do a For Sale By Owner (FSBO).

4. Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Agent: Why agents are so crucial to the home selling process.

5. Realtors vs. For Sale By Owners: Which method is cheaper and less time consuming?

6. Be Prepared—Home Seller Checklist: 7 steps to take before selling your home.

7. Who Is Involved in Buying and Selling a Home?: Find out who you’ll meet during the home selling process and what you’ll haveto pay them.

8. Staged & Sold: Staging your home could be the difference between your home “sitting or selling.”

9. Home Prep Guide: Learn valuable insight on getting your home ready for the market, room by room.

10. How to Sell a Home: This infographic covers everything from selling vs. renting and FSBO vs. hiring an agent to marketing and making an offer.

11. Top Ten Legal Mistakes Home Sellers Make: From not properly handing multiple offer situations to entering into an agreement before verifying a buyer’s financial ability to close escrow, there are many mistakes to avoid.

12. 5 Tips to Help You Sell Your Home Quickly: What you need to do to get your home off your hands in a flash.

13. 5 Home Improvement Mistakes That Will Lower the Value of Your Home: Unlike the first infographic’s focus on what features you should avoid, this infographic focuses on what parts of the process (permits, floor plan, etc.) often get overlooked.

14. Your Pre-Sale Checklist: 10 areas of the home to check and what to check for—an important part of the disclosure process.

15. Top 10 Remodeling Projects: 10 projects that will “yield the greatest return on investment once you’re ready to sell.”

16. Top 5 Low Cost Home Improvements for Sellers: These minor improvements come in the form of cleaning, landscaping, staging, etc.

17. Why Some Homes Sell Faster: Whether it be energy efficient features or throwing in a warranty covering appliances, these tricks help move the selling process along.

18. The Importance of Curb Appeal: 10 things to do to up the perceived value of your home and six things to avoid at all costs.

19. Real Cost of Home Staging: An infographic that calculates your return on a staging investment based on national statistics.

20. 7 Reasons Why You Should Use a Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Home: Why you shouldn’t go it alone.

21. A Home Seller’s List of Things to Do: Another checklist of things to remember when prepping your home for sale.

22. What Buyers Are Willing To Do for the House They Want: What buyers are willing to offer when it comes to offering over asking price, contingencies and more.

23. Top 4 Most Common Pricing Mistakes: The art of pricing a home to sell!

24. Moving Checklist: This provides a handy checklist of how to prepare for moving day from 8 weeks to 1 day out.

25. Moving Methods Pros & Cons: Find out what method is best for you once you’re finally ready to make the big move!


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