About Us

Our Mission
Based on the understanding that the future of real estate would be centered in online marketing, Sakoaki Omori and Michael Bearden pioneered real estate lead generation and digital marketing when they opened the doors of HouseHunt.com back in 1995. The mission of HouseHunt, Inc. drew from the strengths of both Omori, a NASA Rocket Scientist and Bearden, one of Orange County’s premiere residential real estate agents. That mission was to develop the most extensive approach to searching for a home online by providing consumers with the ability to pinpoint the exact home of their dreams.
Our Founders

Dr. Satoaki Omori
Dr. Sakoaki Omori is a rocket scientist originally hired by NASA to create the combustors for the space shuttle. As a founder of HouseHunt, he utilized his expertise to develop systems and technology that continues to keep HouseHunt at the forefront of digital marketing for real estate. Omori’s vision for the consumer brought the home search to an exact science by applying his expertise to engineer a systematic, extensively detailed, and user-friendly online home search site HouseHunt.com. He has been retired.

Michael Bearden
Co-Founder & President
Understanding the needs of home buyers, Michael Bearden brought the website full circle by adding years of success as a licensed real estate salesperson. Highly adept at the home purchasing process, client-centered and innovative, in his philosophy for meeting the needs of his clients, Bearden sought out and created the most valuable resources and helped develop and continually improve the framework for HouseHunt.com’s online home search.
Today's Vision

Twenty years later, HouseHunt continues to advance with digital marketing trends and best practices for buying a home so that when you search online, you find exactly what you want and a real estate professional to guide you making it your own.

Go ahead, find the exact home you are looking for, visit HouseHunt.com.

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