Inexpensive Improvements Add Big Value

You may have always wanted a big project like renovating an old house. Or you may have fallen in love with a slightly rundown but charming place. Before you do anything you might regret, take a breather, and consider, is that old house worth renovating?

10 Residential Renovations that Reap Rewards: A Guide to Inexpensive Home Improvements

Whether you are selling or dwelling, home improvement can add a pretty penny to the bottom line or can help you fall back in love with your abode. There are plenty of inexpensive tricks that can provide some incentive to perk up your investment, without a complete overhaul. We have compiled a list of the top 10 boosters to get the beautification process rolling.

1. Modernize the Mess Hall

As the hub of family interaction, the kitchen is the heart of the home. Brighten the cabinets with a fresh coat of paint or some updated hardware. Add a new faucet or light fixtures to rejuvenate the space or change the window coverings for a more modern feel. Buyers are always interested in the kitchen, so try a quick facelift that will turn up the heat on your bottom line.

2. Spa Sparkle

Shine up the bathroom to offer a clean and calming spa-like refuge from the daily hustle. A quick fixture change, a new toilet seat and fresh accessories can be all you need to brighten up the bathroom. The bathroom is second in line to the kitchen to potential buyers, so use a discerning eye. A fresh coat of grout in the shower or maybe even a new pre-fabricated tub can do wonders. Open up the space with a pedestal sink and lay new vinyl sheeting or individual tiles right over your existing floor to inexpensively revive underfoot.

3. Ardent Appliances

Hopefully, the avocado green electric stove is long gone, but if your appliances come in a variety of colors, it may look just as unsavory. Experts agree that a mismatched kitchen may leave a bad taste with buyers. If new appliances aren’t in the budget, look to re-facing. Some appliance doors can just be flipped inside out for the opposite color, so all you need is a screwdriver to update. You can also request new fronts and tops from the manufacturer to create the streamlined look.

4. Room Conversion

If you have an extra playroom or den, consider yourself in line for a windfall. When selling your home, increasing the number of bedrooms can significantly increase your profits. The only difference between a den and bedroom is a closet; so invest in the storehouse to up the ante.

5. Machine Clean

Spruce up neutral carpets with a professional cleaning, brightening the room and clearing any unwanted odors or stains. If your carpet is blemished, try placing area rugs or large furniture over the worn spots. It may seem like you are hiding the problem, but most experts agree that replacing the carpet for a house on the market isn’t worth the investment.

6. Light Up Your Life

Lighting can dramatically affect your mood, so brighten things up! Breezy window coverings allow you to control how much natural lighting you’d like to let in, a strategically placed table lamp or a dramatic chandelier can add character, while making your rooms appear larger and more open.

7. Straighten Out Your Storage

Older homes present the ever-present storage problem. Create space by utilizing closet organizers or wire and laminate shelving in the pantry, closet and garage. Purging some old junk in a yard sale or through donations can remove some clutter, while making the space look bigger.

8. Nuts and Bolts

Potential buyers sometimes take a look under the hood to assess the amount of wear and tear a house has endured. Hiring a professional to check, fix and update electrical wiring and plumbing can confirm to the purchaser that your house is healthy on the inside and out.

9. Opportunity Knocks

Still opening the front door with a flimsy standard-issue knob? Choose a hearty piece of hardware that emphasizes sturdiness, while a bold color that says, “look at me!” Refinish the front door with a bright hue or faux finish a steel door to look like wood for a refreshing first impression.

10. Groundwork

The front yard is the first thing that potential buyers see, so don’t miss out on your chance to pique their interest. Focus on a clean cut, straighten up the lawn edges, freshen the landscaping and add some color spots or striking shrubs for impact.