Create a Stress Free Zone in Your Home

Overwhelmed? Tired? The stress of everyday living can be alleviated by the use of an area of the house that is designated as a tranquility zone. No matter how much space you have available, it can be incredibly helpful to have a room or area dedicated to relaxing. Getting away from your undoubtedly hectic lifestyle can become an important part of reducing your stress levels. A recent Realty Times article discussed some of the key ingredients necessary to help create a special comfort zone that you can relax in.


The first decision is whether you want your tranquility zone to be indoors or outdoors. It can be absolutely anywhere, as long as it is quiet, and you enjoy your surroundings. It can be a place in the garden, a patio, a balcony, an entire room or just one corner in a room. The important part is how that area makes you feel. It must be comfortable and make you happy.


Another key to creating an area that you can really relax in is to have a point of focus. Again, this needs to be something that gives you comfort, makes you happy and will help relax you. It can be something as complicated as a work of art or a library, and inexpensive as a view, or as simple as a burning candle. The key is to have something to focus your mind and begin your journey of relaxation.


The items you have around you will affect significantly the quality of your experience. All the different senses need to be considered: sight, sound, touch, smell and taste.


In addition to your focus point, you may also want to consider having some mood lighting or some of your favorite pictures.


Music can soothe the soul. Other ideas you can use include the sounds of nature, or maybe a water feature.


This can cover a lot of areas; when it comes to touch, everything becomes important. The chair or sofa you are resting on, a favorite blanket, special pillows and even the clothes you are wearing. Consider luxurious, comforting materials such as fleece, silk or chenille.


Some relaxing potpourri or incense can be great. Scented candles can also be great additions. It is probably best to go for subtle scents, though, rather than overbearing ones that can take away from your goal of relaxation.


This can be as simple of a glass of water, your favorite drink or something more indulgent, like chocolate-covered strawberries or a bowl of your favorite hard candy.

When it comes to creating a relaxing environment, everybody is different. Think carefully about what will really help you to get into your tranquility zone and start experimenting!