Overlooked Questions to Ask Before Buying a House [Infographic]

Don’t let the excitement of finding a great pad make you overlook some important factors! Avoid unpleasant surprises down the line by noting these often overlooked questions to ask before buying a house.

overlooked questions to ask before buying a house


There are three categories of questions you need to ask to make sure this is the house of your dreams:

Seller Status

Questions about the seller will help you understand concerns with the house, as well as necessary urgency in making an offer.

  • “Why is the owner selling?”
  • “How many people have seen the house?”
  • “Can I see the owner’s full disclosure statement?”


Don’t let anything slip through the cracks when you’re about to make a huge investment. Inspection questions cover all your health and safety bases.

  • “Are all smoke detectors properly installed and working?”
  • Has this home ever had a mold inspection?”
  • “Has the property been tested for radon?”
  • “What is the slope of the ground? Where will runoff water flow?”
  • “What miscellaneous inspections are available for this home?”

Town Info

Sometimes it’s hard to gauge a neighborhood before you dive in, but these questions will lay the groundwork for what you’re getting yourself into!

  • “What is the neighborhood crime rate?”
  • “What is the noise level like at night?”
  • “What are the zoning regulations?”
  • “Does the community have a lot of dogs/kids/etc.?”