Amenity Checklist for Prospective Home Buyers

Are you thinking of buying a new home? Exciting! Buying a house is a big decision that will impact your life in many ways. Thereís a bunch to consider, like what amenities you want for your home. But, what to look for and where to start can become a bit overwhelming. Plus, you might be wondering what exactly classifies as an amenity. Itís a word that is often thrown around when looking for a home, and yet, it can still feel vague in meaning.
The word can be especially ambiguous for those who are still new to the home buying experience, who may not have a good idea of all that they want in their house yet. Letís quickly break it down by looking at the definition of ďamenity.Ē According to, an


is ďany feature that provides comfort, convenience, or pleasure,Ē usually pertaining to a building or place. In this case, your prospective home!

With that in mind, think about what home features and characteristics will give you a sense of comfort, convenience, or pleasure. Be sure to focus on features that are not easy to change or that canít be changed at all. For instance, a completely outdated bathroom is not easily changed without substantial time and money, and the location of your house canít be changed at all. However, adding furniture, paint, and other things that may provide comfort are not immediate to your search for a home and can more easily be altered after you buy a house; they arenít crucial factors when buying a house.

Ok, so youíve put some thought into features that might make your life easier and have come up with a few. Now that youíre in this mindset, check out this Home Amenity Checklist weíve compiled. Itís important to communicate the home amenities and features that you want in your new house with your real estate agent. Share this checklist with them as a way to begin that conversation. Though this checklist is not exhaustive, it is a good starting point when considering the many elements of a house that may or may not be desirable to you. Use it to prioritize what amenities will best suit you and your family in your new home!

Printable Home Amenity Checklist PDF

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Here is the full downloadable version of this PDF for this home amenities checklist

Other questions to consider in your search for a home:

  • Consider your price range, research property taxes in the areas that you are interested in, and consult with your real estate agent.
  • Do you want a home with a view? What kind of view is ideal? Perhaps a beach home or a mountain home?
  • Do you prefer a Victorian house over a mid-century modern house? Are there some home styles that you canít stand but others that you absolutely adore? If the style of the house is important to you, communicate that with your agent so they can narrow down the search.
  • In addition to the house style, think about the layout and certain materials used to make the home. Do you want an open floor plan and high ceilings? Are you ok with popcorn ceilings, or are you fine with paying to have them dealt with later? Also, consider what the floors made out of? Do you want carpet throughout most of the house? What kind of countertops do you prefer versus ones that you canít stand? Some of these are easy fixes, so as you look for a home, just keep in mind how willing you are to invest in certain upgrades.
  • How much storage space do you need? Note closet and cabinet space. Assess attic, basement, and garage space, especially if you plan to use them as storage.
  • Do you prefer built-in appliances for bathrooms or kitchens? Are you looking for a place that includes appliances?
  • Do you want a house with updated/remodeled kitchens and bathrooms? Do you prefer an older home? Would you rather buy a house that is a blank slate and remodel it to your preference? Consider how much effort you want to put into fixing up your house overall after you buy it.

As you use this checklist in your search, keep an open mind. Who knows? You just might fall in love with a house that doesnít perfectly match up with your amenity checklist.

We hope this checklist will help you find an amazing home that fits your lifestyle!