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Long Island, NY
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Long Island Homes for Sale

Real Estate Listings in Long Island, New York
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Houses & homes for sale in Long Island, New York. Search by clicking any one of the cities or icons for Long Island Real Estate.

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Listing Data Updated: Feb 9, 2016
Long Island Homes for Sale & Area Information:
Long Island NY To begin your Long Island New York real estate search, you can search by city, map, and property types. Utilize our free real estate tools to help you buy or sell a home! You can find the value of your home, compare sold homes in your neighborhood, and view active property listings on Also be sure to check out our valuable buying and selling tips, current market news, and mortgage information. On each city's page, local real estate experts are waiting to help you with your home search and answer any questions you may have. For searching Long Island cities and homes for sale, just click any of the active city names on the map. Ask one of our top local real estate agents any real estate questions you may have regarding active homes for sale.

Historic. Majestic. Prosperous. Long Island, located at the doorstep of New York City, is as diverse as it is spectacular. With its five distinct regions representing four counties and 1,377-square-miles, Long Island is the largest island adjoining the continental United States. The five Island regions include: the historic North Shore; the South Shore with its world-class beaches and entertainment; Central Suffolk that features the magnificent forests and natural inlets; the vineyards and the farms of the North Fork; and the South Fork, commonly referred to as "The Hamptons." Long Island enjoys a moderate climate, making it an ideal place to visit any time of the year, and a comfortable place to live. Just a short ride from anywhere on the Island brings one to the fabled Gold Coast with its turn-of-the-century mansions, once home to the likes of the Vanderbilts, the Guggenheims and the Phipps. Quaint villages dot the landscape on the Long Island Sound where fishing and boating are enjoyed as much as world class golf. Long Island has something for everyone.
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Houses and homes for sale in Long Island, NY via real estate listings are searched to buy your dream home in Long Island, New York. You can view data of Long Island Market Conditions, Stats and Trends of Sold Data. Find your dream home, ranch, farm, single story or two story single family house, townhome, townhouse, condo or condominium, or vacant land as your residential real estate in Long Island in New York, United States of America, USA, whether it is big, luxury, expensive and large mansion or penthouse or affordable, cheap, small yet comfortable cottage. HouseHunt your dream home in Long Island via real estate property listings online or with top Long Island Realtor's assistance. All mls listed real estate properties on the market will be found in Long Island, New York. Multiple Real estate listings, Market conditions, Stats and Trends of sold data are updated daily to understand market trends.
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