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Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN
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Minneapolis-St. Paul Homes for Sale - Real Estate Listings, Minnesota

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Listing Data Updated: Nov 30, 2015
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Minneapolis-St. Paul Homes for Sale & Area Information:
Known to many as the Twin Cities in Minnesota, the Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN metro area is thriving with real estate, life, music, culture, landmarks and Minnesota communities with affordable Minneapolis real estate and listings of homes for sale in St Paul. With approximately 3.5 million people populating the Minneapolis metro area alone, these two cities rank as the 13th most populous in the United States and is still growing rapidly. Minneapolis and St. Paul directly border each other and the hustle and bustle of the Twin cities attracts visitors from as far as Rochester and Mankato, MN.

Minneapolis, called The City of Lakes, has twenty Minnesota lakes and wetlands and the Mississippi waterfront. Also known as Mill City, Minneapolis started out as a flour milling and timber hub for Chicago, ILlinois and Seattle, WA. Additionally, Minneapolis?s real estate of parks ranks top in the country; because the parks in Minneapolis are regularly maintained and much financial effort is put into preserving the natural beauty of the parks, they?ve become popular hotspots for outdoor enthusiasts and visitors. Runner?s World magazine has even ranked Minneapolis as one of the best city for runners, which regularly hold the Twin Cities Marathon.

Minneapolis, Minnesota boasts of having the country?s largest shopping mall, the Mall of America. Located in Bloomington, MN visitors can easily get around via public transportation provided by the Metro Transit or the Hiawatha Light Rail System. Other places of interest in and around the Minneapolis area include the always lively Downtown, the Minnesota Dance Theatre, the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, the Walker Art Center and the Museum of Russian Art. Farmers markets, thrift stores, trendy eateries and a happening nightlife filled with bars and clubs also keep the city of Minneapolis busy.

Not only is St. Paul the capital of Minnesota, St. Paul is noted as Minnesota?s second most populous city home to over 287,000 residents. As the other half of the Twin Cities, St. Paul is known for its homes and neighborhoods and has even been called ?fifteen small towns with one mayor.? Culture, city life and art are also abound in St. Paul; areas of interests include jazz clubs and bars featuring live music such as the Artists? Quarters and Station 4, both located in the downtown district, the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra, Fitzgerald Theater, and the Indian Mounds Park. Stop by St. Paul during Labor Day and check out the Minnesota State Fair which takes place in Falcon Heights. Or, catch a St. Paul Saints baseball game at Midway Stadium.

Plenty of local shops and eateries are also located within St. Paul. A favorite among locals, Grand Avenue, features a variety of boutiques, brand name stores and fine dining. If you?re looking to break bread, stop by the Breadsmith, known to many as the premier bakery, or if you?re looking to just grab a cup of joe, stop by Dunn Brothers Coffee. Twin Cities real estate listings in Minneapolis and St. Paul offer a variety of homes for sale and available houses including single-family homes, condominiums/townhomes, luxury homes for sale, property, newer and older estates for sale, and land lots for custom home building.
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Houses and homes for sale in Minneapolis-St. Paul Area, MN via real estate listings are searched to buy your dream home in Minneapolis-St. Paul Area, Minnesota. You can view data of Minneapolis-St. Paul Area Market Conditions, Stats and Trends of Sold Data. Find your dream home, ranch, farm, single story or two story single family house, townhome, townhouse, condo or condominium, or vacant land as your residential real estate in Minneapolis-St. Paul Area in Minnesota, United States of America, USA, whether it is big, luxury, expensive and large mansion or penthouse or affordable, cheap, small yet comfortable cottage. HouseHunt your dream home in Minneapolis-St. Paul Area via real estate property listings online or with top Minneapolis-St. Paul Area Realtor's assistance. All mls listed real estate properties on the market will be found in Minneapolis-St. Paul Area, Minnesota. Multiple Real estate listings, Market conditions, Stats and Trends of sold data are updated daily to understand market trends.
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