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Real Estate Listings in San Diego County, Southern California
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Average Price
 number in parenthesis indicates current number of listings in that city *Average Home Price based on 3 bedroom homes - for reference only

Listing Data Updated: Oct 25, 2014
Market Conditions, Stats and Trends - Past 3 Month Sold Data in San Diego, California
Single Family Homes Condos & Townhomes All
City & Community Names Avg Size Avg Sold Price $Sold/$Listed Days on Mkt Avg Size Avg Sold Price $Sold/$Listed Days on Mkt Sold #
4S Ranch - Listings
Allied Gardens - Listings
Alpine - Listings
Balboa Park-San Diego - Listings
Bonita - Listings
Bonsall - Listings
Brooklyn Heights - Listings
Cardiff by the Sea - Listings
Carlsbad - Listings
Carmel Mountain - Listings
Carmel Valley - Listings
Casa De Oro - Listings 1,400 ft2 $368,000 102% 52 day 1,070 ft2 98% 119 day 1
Choate - Listings
Chula Vista - Listings
Clairemont - Listings
Clairemont Mesa - Listings
College Area - Listings
Coronado - Listings
Cortez - Listings
Del Cerro - Listings
Del Mar - Listings
Del Mar Heights - Listings
Downtown San Diego - Listings
El Cajon - Listings
Encinitas - Listings
Escondido - Listings
Fairbanks Ranch - Listings
Fallbrook - Listings
Golden Hill - Listings
Granite Hills - Listings
Hillcrest - Listings
Imperial Beach - Listings
Kearny Mesa - Listings
La Costa - Listings
La Jolla - Listings
La Mesa - Listings
Lake San Marcos - Listings 3,329 ft2 $700,000 97% 74 day 1,195 ft2 98% 96 day 1
Lakeside - Listings
Lemon Grove - Listings 1,294 ft2 $324,000 103% 196 day 1,877 ft2 97% 93 day 2
Leucadia - Listings
Little Italy - Listings
Mira Mesa - Listings
Miramar - Listings
Mission Beach - Listings
Mission Hills - Listings
Mission Valley San Diego - Listings
Mt Helix - Listings 1,400 ft2 $368,000 102% 52 day 1,166 ft2 100% 49 day 1
National City - Listings
Ocean Beach - Listings
Oceanside - Listings
Olivenhain - Listings
Otay Mesa-San Diego - Listings
Pacific Beach and Mission Bay - Listings
Peninsula-San Diego - Listings
Point Loma - Listings
Poway - Listings
Ramona - Listings
Rancho Bernardo - Listings
Rancho Carrillo - Listings 3,799 ft2 $1,644,000 87% 74 day 1,350 ft2 $365,500 93% 99 day 3
Rancho Penasquitos - Listings
Rancho San Diego - Listings
Rancho Santa Fe - Listings
Sabre Springs - Listings 1,820 ft2 $560,000 98% 74 day 1,227 ft2 $416,000 93% 53 day 3
San Diego - EastLake - Listings
San Diego-North Park - Listings
San Elijo Hills - Listings
San Marcos - Listings
Santee - Listings
Scripps Ranch - Listings
Solana Beach - Listings
Sorrento Valley - Listings
South Park - Listings
Stonebridge - Listings
Tierrasanta-San Diego - Listings
University City - Listings
Valley Center - Listings 2,316 ft2 $457,417 96% 159 day 1,503 ft2 95% 80 day 3
Vista - Listings
During the past 3 months as of Oct 25, 2014. Blank data denotes that there was no sales activity for the period.

New Listings in San Diego Communities
4S Ranch Real Estate 17
Allied Gardens Real Estate 91
Alpine Real Estate 28
Balboa Park-San Diego Real Estate 123
Bonita Real Estate 27
Bonsall Real Estate 29
Brooklyn Heights Real Estate 10
Cardiff by the Sea Real Estate 42
Carlsbad Real Estate 397
Carmel Mountain Real Estate 5
Carmel Valley Real Estate 28
Casa De Oro Real Estate 52
Choate Real Estate 10
Chula Vista Real Estate 178
Clairemont Real Estate 39
Clairemont Mesa Real Estate 39
College Area Real Estate 10
Coronado Real Estate 117
Cortez Real Estate 16
Del Cerro Real Estate 91
Del Mar Real Estate 116
Del Mar Heights Real Estate 14
Downtown San Diego Real Estate 272
El Cajon Real Estate 418
Encinitas Real Estate 180
Escondido Real Estate 244
Fairbanks Ranch Real Estate 240
Fallbrook Real Estate 390
Golden Hill Real Estate 2
Granite Hills Real Estate 15
Hillcrest Real Estate 1,247
Imperial Beach Real Estate 12
Kearny Mesa Real Estate 26
La Costa Real Estate 181
La Jolla Real Estate 287
La Mesa Real Estate 191
Lake San Marcos Real Estate 44
Lakeside Real Estate 43
Lemon Grove Real Estate 13
Leucadia Real Estate 184
Little Italy Real Estate 28
Mira Mesa Real Estate 43
Miramar Real Estate 48
Mission Beach Real Estate 6
Mission Hills Real Estate 18
Mission Valley San Diego Real Estate 26
Mt Helix Real Estate 52
National City Real Estate 16
Ocean Beach Real Estate 17
Oceanside Real Estate 455
Olivenhain Real Estate 184
Otay Mesa-San Diego Real Estate 31
Pacific Beach and Mission Bay Real Estate 49
Peninsula-San Diego Real Estate 146
Point Loma Real Estate 54
Poway Real Estate 199
Ramona Real Estate 36
Rancho Bernardo Real Estate 429
Rancho Carrillo Real Estate 84
Rancho Penasquitos Real Estate 111
Rancho San Diego Real Estate 56
Rancho Santa Fe Real Estate 287
Sabre Springs Real Estate 101
San Diego - EastLake Real Estate 178
San Diego-North Park Real Estate 1,247
San Elijo Hills Real Estate 31
San Marcos Real Estate 305
Santee Real Estate 53
Scripps Ranch Real Estate 29
Solana Beach Real Estate 24
Sorrento Valley Real Estate 3
South Park Real Estate 3
Stonebridge Real Estate 60
Tierrasanta-San Diego Real Estate 21
University City Real Estate 41
Valley Center Real Estate 49
Vista Real Estate 115
Data above show number of total active listings as of Oct 25, 2014, EST/EDT in USA

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The San Diego metro area is a world-renown location in Southern California with an unsurpassed quality of life, making it an ideal place to do business, work and buy real estate and homes for sale. The area is safe and beautiful, rich in culture, history and entertainment, and has quickly become one of the leading cities for the urban elite. S.D. is An oceanfront classic known for its year-round California summer style, San Diego continues to be a popular city of choice of vacationing tourists and realty homebuyers alike.

San Diego Metro’s diverse population and great educational institutions are just a few reasons why it is the pulse of Southern California. The area ranks as one of the best for business and careers and is noted for its economy and gorgeous real estate listings of homes for sale, condos, houses, land lots, property and waterfront properties plus pleasant year-round weather allows for water sports, annual festivals, professional sports, community fairs and parades. In addition to an abundance of museums, art galleries, concert halls and stage theatres, San Diego County can please anyone’s unique, individual tastes or luxury lifestyle. Find top San Diego Realtors and homes for Sale listed by city by clicking on the community area of your choice.

San Diego real estate listings are searched to buy your dream home. You can view data of San Diego Market Conditions, Stats and Trends of Sold Data. Find your dream home, single story or two story single family house, townhome, townhouse, condo or condominium, or vacant land as your residential real estate whether it is big, luxury, expensive and large or affordable, cheap yet comfortable.

HouseHunt your dream home in beach cities, northern or southern areas via searching San Diego real estate listing properties online or with top San Diego County Realtor's assistance. All mls listed real estate properties on the market will be found. Real estate listings, Market conditions, Stats and Trends of sold data are updated daily to understand market trends.
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